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Install iOS Lock Screen to Mac OS X Using Lock Screen 2

iOS and Mac App developers along with Apple  are taking great interest in copying iOS features and putting them to their latest Mac OS X operating system. Previously we have shared similar kind of post such as Tweet from Anywhere in OS X Lion and How to always display scroll bars in Mac OS X Lion which is bydefault set as auto […] Read more

Google has been busy in extending its services for all types of mobile platforms. Previously, Google has been providing limited functionality of its popular streaming service on iOS devices. These limited functionalities were mainly due to its difficult user interface.      Finally in order to overcome these above mentioned shortcoming, Google has announced via twitter that it now has an HTML […] Read more

Apple is always looking for creative and exciting ideas and then integrate them as a part of iOS. Now it has been revealed  from a job posting which is uncovered by AppleInsider that apple is looking for an experienced “iOS QA Location Engineer” with a focus on GPS technology. It’s been rumored that Apple is working on a better Maps […] Read more

If you ever wish to run your favorite iOS Apps on Mac, Android or Windows then it is probably going to come true soon. The project called iEmu has been announced by Kickstarter, a largest funding platform for creative projects, could  possibly bring it even sooner if they reach their funding goals. iEmu which is based on open-source QEMU emulator, aims to emulate […] Read more

Hunch is a famous recommendation engine which brings you relative content based on your taste. Today Hunch released an Infographic displaying the results of Data and Survey to collect the differences between Android and iOS users. The data collected is in much raw form but its quite informative to read variations between users on the two major smartphone OS. In a nutshell, you’ll […] Read more

Recently we have covered a story about release of OS X Lion with iCloud Beta 6 release by Apple. Things are coming too fast and now apple has release new seed of OS X Lion 10.7.2 and a new beta of iCloud for Mac users. These new updates are released exclusively for Developers and can bedownloaded from the Apple Developer […] Read more

Manage Address Groups in iOS[How to Tutorial]

iOS device owners might have already fedup of not having an option of sending email on Contact groups. Up till now you need to type in 10 to 20 names every time you need to email a group which is due to  non availability of group functionality in iOS. It is also considered as a major shortcoming of Mail on iOS devices. However, […] Read more

As we already aware that iPhone Dev Team including MuscleNerd and Sherif Hashim didn’t turn out to be successful yet in unlocking ofc on 2.10.04/3.10.01/4.10.01 Basebands. However, they still though that they could possibly unlock these iOS for permanent. So if you are already tired of waiting for software based unlock then Gevey Team have you covered and providing […] Read more


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