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How to fix various problems including Bluetooth on your iPhone, and how to reboot iPhone 7 and other iPhone devices

ios-10-issuesThere have been a rise in the number of reports by users using iPhone with iOS 10, complaining that there are various issues that include the device not connecting with accessories , for example not connecting with headphones or speakers , and even if they connect with the accessories , problems pertaining to the stability of the connection. It should be noted that this problem is very common while using Bluetooth however the main problem comes due to the fact that Apple has removed the headphone jack in the new iPhone 7 , therefore causing a fairly large software issue in the respective device. While we are waiting for Apple to try and rectify the problem we can temporarily rectify the problem using the following one of the following procedures:

  • Re-Pair the device after forgetting the BluetoothThis option can be followed by firstly going to Settings>Bluetooth>”i ” option that is found on the right hand corner> “Forget this Device”. This will refresh the re-pair ,that might fix the issue.ios-10-issue
  • Toggle the Bluetooth option: This is the easiest option that can sometimes fix the problem . All you have top do is Go to the Settings app  or Control Centre of the device> Disable Bluetooth>enable Bluetooth.bluetooth-issue
  • Reset the device’s Network Settings: Simply reset the network setting to begin anew by going to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settingsios-bluetooth-issue-network-settings
  • Reboot/ restart: Depending on the model of iPhone you are using there are different ways to reboot

 Hard Reboot for iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

Begin by pressing the Power button that is found on the right side of the device. While continually pressing the Power button , find the Volume buttons(which are on the left side of the device), and press the down volume button at the same time along with the power button.

rebootThis procedure will cause the iPhone 7 to shut down . Once it as shut down , wait for the device to restart , continue to press both buttons until you see the Apple Reboot logo, then let go of both buttons. This will cause the device to successfully reboot and now you will see the familiar Lock screen.

Hard Reboot for older versions of iPhone ,iPod touch or iPad

Begin by simultaneously pressing down on both the Home and Power buttons for a minimum of 10seconds. The screen of the device will either become white(on a white device)or black(on black device), with the Apple logo,when this logo appears release both the buttons . The device will successfully reboot.


Genius Bar Appointment: If none of the previous procedures work on your device the final option is to get an appointment with Apple via the Genius Bar Appointment, to try to amend the issue.



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