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Windows Mobile 7

Confirming expectations after the release of the Windows 10 software, Microsoft has released the latest Surface Studio all-in – one PC, in addition to the transformed Surface Book, thereby enhancing Microsoft business. The rumors pertaining to the Surface Studio have been confirmed following the release , showcasing the desktop PC having a 28 inch display , in addition […] Read more

One of the most loved home theatre apps ,Kodi, has finally upgraded it’s skin.Previously it had been using the same Confluence skin,which was the same skin that it had been it’s default since Kodi’s origin in 2009. The new skin is actually two skins.Firstly,Estuary,which will be a replacement to the default interface ,this is available […] Read more

If you are a Windows Phone user then you must be knowing that Microsoft recently released a new build for Windows Phone 7.5 devices. Lucky users must have already received an update notification for the new build but if are one of unlucky one’s then a procedure has be made available by an XDA developer Heathcliff74 which enables you […] Read more

We have been covering the most demanding feature of Windows Phone Internet Tethering for long time. Microsoft has not yet available this feature natively on Windows Phone operating system. Users were expecting that feature will be made available in Windows Phone Mango update but things didn’t go accordingly and users are still deprived of this feature. […] Read more

Download Arabic Abjad Keyboard App for Windows Phone Mango

Windows Phone has been in the news since Microsoft released its Mango update. Majority of the Windows Phone users have already been shifted to Mango as it not only brings a fresh look to your phone but also many new features which were missing in previous version. These feature includes Task Switcher, Speech to text […] Read more

We have already reviewed many free apps such as Skype, IM+ which allows you to make Video calls along with normal voice calls for both iOS and Android operating systems. Now we have just come to know about another app called Tango which allows you to make free calls both video and audio but on Windows Phone operating system. […] Read more

We have already reviewed TetherMe 2.2 and MyWi Wifi Internet Tethering applications for iOS devices which allow users to set their devices as personal Hotspot without doing much efforts. Moreover, we also reported you a procedure to enable WiFi Hotspot on Samsung  Omnia 7 or Samsung Focus WP 7 devices. Now we have just come across another procedure which […] Read more

ChevronWP7 Team has returned back with a release of ChevronWP7 for both developers and general Windows Phone users. If you are new to ChevronWP7, it is an unlocking/jailbreaking tool for Windows Phone 7 which let users to run unauthorized homebrew apps on their devices. Developers didn’t get permission from Microsoft to make these applications available […] Read more

Spotify for Windows Phone Released Download Now from Marketplace

Spotify is a popular music streaming service which has been recently opened for all US customers for six month free trial with unlimited music access. Also Spotify application for iOS, Android and Symbian, launched couple of months ago and now it has made its mark to Windows Phone. Spotify for Windows Phone will require $9.99 monthly subscription in which […] Read more

Google has been not really put much focus on Windows Phone devices which makes owners deprived of their some the popular services. It has even let some users to ultimately switch over to Android phone in order to get services like Google Music. However, finally thanks to XDA developers community who has brought some good […] Read more

Hajj is one of the major Islamic Ritual which is performed in Saudi Arabia and thousands of Muslims from all across the world gather at Mecca and Medina. Every Muslim once in his lifetime has to perform Hajj if his financial stature permits as Hajj teaches the lesson of unity and submission to Allah. For […] Read more

Nokia Maps was planned to be incorporated into the Windows Phone OS since its adoption by Nokia in February this year along with the Bing search services however so far the implementation was not completed until now that we have got reports that its in testing phases. It has also been reported that non- Nokia […] Read more


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