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iPod Themes

If you are iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch geek and know how to play Adobe Photoshop, Icon Thief will be quite a handy tool for you as it will enable you to retrieve all the applications and theme icons present on your device and forward them onto your PC/Mac as Zip folder. After collected on PC/Mac you […] Read more

We had given a list of some of the most elegant iPhone & iPod winterboard themes last month and now we would bring another bunch of themes from ZiON HD Series, ZiON Series is a collection of 4 themes, ZiON Sunset HD ZiON Sunrise HD ZiON Eclipse HD ZiON Dusk HD All of these themes […] Read more

Dreamboard for iPhone & iPod – An ultimate graphical experience

Customization in iOS is still a missing factor as far as native apple interfaces are concerned other than playing with different wallpapers. Dreamboard is an advanced themeing platform which runs over the top of spring board but adds the capability of running scripts. You can add widgets on your themes as avaialbe in Android and Windows 7 that keep on running. Dreamboard takes […] Read more


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