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Using the new iOS 10 Message App you can now transform your photos into iMessage stickers

he sticky-pix2If you have been looking for a simple way to make your own custom iMessage stickers in the new iOS 10 Messages App ,here’s a new innovative way you can do that , by simply using your photos. This feature is possible due to the update that is supported by the iOS 10 within the message app, thereby giving the user the ability to send various different stickers to family and friends replacing text needed to explain the stickers.

It should be noted that stickers have become very popular among many of the younger users ,thereby taking the world over. You can enable the transformation of your photos into stickers by simply using StickyPix , which is an app that can be used in iMessages enabling users to take snaps or already saved pictures available on your device, and convert them into custom stickers. You can then place a frame or border around the snap and simply send it.  By saving the picture you can reuse the sticker as well.

sticky-pixs-with-borderThe StickyPix app is available for download from the Apple AppStore . It should be noted that this app is free of cost, so lets get downloading.

The app can be downloaded here: StickyPix


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