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Twitter has released a major update for both Android and iOS Platforms and already reached to respective app stores. The Android version has been upgraded to 3.0 and iOS to version 4.0. App UI for both platforms has been completely changed and a brand new Interface has been introduced with improved performance. A first major […] Read more

If you are an Android or iOS user and enjoy playing Games on it then this is going to be a great news for you. OnLive who calls themselves “pioneer of cloud gaming” have just announced that they are now extending their online cloud gaming services to Tablets and Mobile platforms. It means their latest and hight […] Read more

if you are an iPhone Fan and tired of “Slide to Unlock” label on your Lockscreen then jailbreak community has a solution for you. Developers at Jailbreak community has developed a tweak called Slider Enhancer which allows you to replace original “Slide to Unlock” lebel with your own text in lockscreen slider.    Slider Enhancer bring […] Read more

If you are one of those iOS developer who are unable to launch their own applications due to company’s App Store approval process then don’t worry you have a way out of it now. A group of Mac and iOS security experts along with some famous members of the jailbreaking community have put together all hacking […] Read more

Since no untethered jailbreak has been released yet for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices running iOS 5 firmware so developers have now trying to bring such solutions which can be implemented without requiring jailbreak. For instance, recently we reported you about an Icon Project, an appstore app which cost only 99 Cents and allows you […] Read more

I am sure you are pretty much satisfied with your iPhone but you may not be having a good time with Google services such as  Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts as they are bit difficult or confusing to setup on iOS devices. The reason is not iOS but the default procedure that is normally used […] Read more

We had recently seen that numerous iPhone 4S owners complaining about battery depleting very quickly even reducing at the rate of 10% every hours which had thrown Apple out of their shoes. It was expected that various elements within iOS were to be blamed for which initially suggested way-out came by switching off the location […] Read more

iOS continues to lose Global Market Share captured by Android in Q3 2011

According to Gartner reports for Q3 2011, sales of Smartphones all over the world has increased 42% where as 5.6% increase is witness for mobile devices sales. Although Apple had done remarkably well in iOS devices sales reaching up to 17.3 million units however the iOS platform share still remained 15% which is 1.6% lower than […] Read more

Ever wondered receiving your SMS, Messages, Twitter, Facebook and all iOS notifications simultaneously on your Mac and PC then Growl is the solution and by installing GrowlNotifier Jailbreak application on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. GrowlNotifier is a free jailbreak tweak and very easy to setup. All you need to do is install the […] Read more

During the Senate Judiciary hearings today Susan Creighton, former FTC official (now Google employee)  testified under oath the Google, Yahoo and Microsoft all have bid to become the default search engine of iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on Mobile Safari Web Browser. And during that bid Google had won and people see Google search integrated in their Mobile Safari Web Browser […] Read more

Recently we have reported you about Google+ update for Android which brought free Google+ signup for general public by closing the invitation based signup. In addition to that, Google has completely revamped the Google+ with renamed Huddle to Messenger support like Blackberry messenger is added with image sharing options. Also the group video chat feature of Google+ named hangout support has been added to Android devices which allows you to video chat using your device’s front facing camera. Now once again Google+ has […] Read more

uTorrent has added support for Android Applications on the famous Torrent Desktop Client which previously was supporting iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch iOS applications. Although the surprise that blew us away was the uTorrent has started supporting Android Devices thereby we can share, download and monitor the torrents directly from Android devices however close reading disclosed the actual story […] Read more


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