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Having 900 million users communicate with other in a month, Messenger app still failed to recognize itself independent from it’s main Facebook app. However, it seems like things are going to be changed very soon. New Facebook Messenger update is bringing tons of new features which includes  new Home, favorites and birthday reminder tabs which may minimize it dependency on […] Read more

As most of you are already aware of the fact that Apple is headed to finalization stages of iOS 6 pre-release development so now a long pending issue from Apple Developers will be going for resolution in the upcoming release. In-App Purchases contains considerable amount of revenue for the developers but due to loop holes most of the In-App […] Read more

Angry Birds Seasons has been updated to include Year of the Dragon for both iOS and Android devices The Angry Birds are celebrating Chinese New Year by chasing after the pigs. The night sky is lighting up — and it’s not just fireworks! Celebrate with a vibrant red Chinese New Year theme! 15 challenging levels […] Read more

Flipboard which is already recognized as one of the most popular social magazine for iPad has been now updated. The version 1.7 has not only brought the support of iPhone and iPod touch devices but also adds Cover Stories for iPhone. This feature will allows you to  keep yourself up to date on most relevant content available on Facebook, […] Read more

Apple iOS incorporates weather application of its own however there are number of other weather forecast providers but Aelios Weather stands out of them due to its unique crafted interface supporting location based interface. In the recent update Aelios Weather has updated the configurational support for multiple forecast service provider including AccuWeather.com. The application opens […] Read more

GarageBand is one of the most popular app which transforms your device into a collection of Touch Instruments and allows you to create music and podcasts. GarageBand was previously available for iPad only but now it has been launched to both iPhone and iPod Touch devices. From App store GarageBand turns your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch […] Read more

Gmail is one of the mostly used free IMAP email client available for free giving 10 GB of storage space. Recently we have learned that Google is developing Gmail native application for iPhone and iPod Touch as reported by MG Siegler, a Tech Blogger at TechCrunch. He has reported on his Blog that he has learned […] Read more

Adobe Reader Released for iOS[Download Now]

I am sure you are already familiar with Adobe Reader which is a popular application to read PDF files in Windows operating system. Now Adobe has released its new version for iOS devices. It means users can now be able to read or view pdf files on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch devices. This is what […] Read more

iSWiFTER – Allows you to play Facebook, Google+ Flash Games on iPad

Running Flash content including Facebook and Google+ Games (already reviewed) on Safari Browser is a big “NO” so YouWeb L.L.C have come up with a solution. iSWiFTER is available as Appstore Application which you can install and it gives you the option of Playing Flash Games and viewing Flash Videos and Web content which are otherwise not supported on iPad. Although similar type of functionality is offered by […] Read more

If you are TV Show and Movie fan then Hulu Plus is a safe resort with a collection of thousands of TV Show episodes, Movies and Classics available into their database for online streaming at HD quality. The only thing required is that your are a Hulu subscriber and you can get this application free of cost to enjoy the same […] Read more

If you live in Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornados and Natural Disasters prone Country it should be one of your concern that early notification System should made you aware of these disasters well before hand to give you some reaction time. Its a natural procedure that if the area in which you are living is expected to be hit by a natural disaster […] Read more

Doodle Jump For iPad Released

Doodle Jump is one of the most popular and additive games available for iPhone and iPod Touch however recently the game has been ported to support big screen display of iPad and iPad 2. Doodle Jump uses iPad’s accelerometer to allow Doodle to Jump from one shelve to another. You have to careful of the monsters in the way which might let […] Read more


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