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iPad Themes

If you are iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch geek and know how to play Adobe Photoshop, Icon Thief will be quite a handy tool for you as it will enable you to retrieve all the applications and theme icons present on your device and forward them onto your PC/Mac as Zip folder. After collected on PC/Mac you […] Read more

Recently we had reviewed HoneyPad for iPad which is same as Dreamboard for iPhone/iPod Touch allowing your to completely revamp the graphical interface with support of widgets. Honeypad transforms your iPad 2 or iPad into Asus Eee Pad Transformer, Motorola Xoom or HTC Flyer with the blink of an eye.Honeypad not only transforms the graphic layout but also extends the features of live widgets supporting […] Read more

Top 25 Best iPad 2 Premium Winterboard HD/SD Themes of 2011

Winterboard opens up new horizons for iPad 2 personalization which has been a missing feature in iOS. Winterboard allows to completely revamped the interface by changing icons, logos, notifications, loading screens and application interfaces. We have reviewed top 5 Winterboard iPad Themes including Axium HD, iFlat4 HD, Apple Core HD, BlueiPad v2 & Boxor HD now we take the opportunity to introduce you […] Read more

Regular visitor of Koolmobile will be aware of the face that you can morph Android, Web-OS, Windows Mango onto their iPhone and iPod Touch using Dreamboard so now HoneyPad provides the same functionality for iPad and iPad 2 users to transform their devices into complete UI for Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Web-OS, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango […] Read more

Personalization on iPad has been a missing feature which is nicely explored by Jailbreak community by introduction of Winterboard which allows to completely revamped the interface by changing icons, logos, notifications, loading screens and application interfaces. We have already covered best themes for iPhone & iPod in our previous post, now er take the opportunity to introduce you with our […] Read more


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