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Smart Watch

Today brought the much awaited Apple September 7 event ,in which we saw the revelation of the iPhone 7 range , the Apple Watch series 2 , and the new airpods. All of these will now feature the iOS 10 in all the iPhones 7 shipped , and watch OS 3 in all the new Apple […] Read more

Specs , Price and Date of Release of the Apple Watch Series 2.

During the Apple 7th September event ,Apple disclosed the release of the Apple Watch Series 2. This is the second series to be released by the company ,following the first generation of the Apple watches ,which was released in 2014.The unlikely announcement came as a surprise , as the event was mainly reserved for the […] Read more

Following in the footsteps of the Gear S2,which is considered one of the leading smartwatches to be developed , Samsung has now introduced the Samsung Gear S3,which is said to be even better than it’s predecessor. There have been many reports on the many interesting features that users can expect to find in the Gear […] Read more

Samsung Gear S3,featured at the IFA 2016

At the IFA 2016 event ,Samsung devoted the event to show off it’s smart watches with the introduction to the latest Samsung Gear S3.This latest smartwatch has been improved both in aesthetics and touch in comparison to an ordinary watch ,however it’s technology is competitive with any smartphone. The technology is said to be running […] Read more

Official Appearance of Apple Airpods, Apple Watch & iPhone 7

According to latest reports on Apple’s 7 September event ,in which Apple is expected to announce the much awaited iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus ,the possibility of Apple announcing Airpods and the new Apple watches is also expected at the same event. Recently ,the Eurasian Economic Commission (EAEC) is said to have issued certificates […] Read more

It not been a long time since Smart Watch started appearing from Phone Manufacturers however now conventional watch makers have jumped into the bandwagon. One of the noticeable release is by Tag Heuer which has released its first Tag Heuer Connected Smart Watch featuring, The screen is 1.5 inches, supports multiple-finger recognition and has a […] Read more


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