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Got Bored using iOS static springboard icons, Jailbreak community has always something new to offer you as previously we have reviewed 3D Effects Jailbreak Apps e.g. Barrel, Deepend etc and now Jailbreak community has to offer you Graviboard Application which allows you home screen icons to start getting the feel of gravity by falling free from their fixed locations. Graviboard when activated makes your […] Read more

Jailbreak community has grown by leaps in the last couple of years and recently there are tons of useful Cydia Tweaks and Applications which are not supported by Apple e.g. file sharing using Bluetooth, notification system, task switcher,winterboard themes etc. If you are a frequent Jailbreak Tweaks and Apps user you probably know that there are […] Read more

At time you can miss an incoming call without even noticing the alert and ringtone but there is no repetitive notinifcation which informs you that you had a missed call therefore Jailbreak community has come up with MissedReminder Jailbreak Tweak for iPhone. MissedReminder allows you to set repetitive reminders which play a short tone after defined interval, display visual […] Read more

You might have come across a situation that mistakenly applications on you home screen are launched while shuffling the pages on even selecting applications. Jailbreak community now offer you LaunchConfirm Jailbreak Tweak which safeguards you from launching application mistakenly.  LaunchConfirm adds a notification to launch an application therefore whenever an application is tapped the popup asks you to verify the launch otherwise […] Read more

Ever thought that typing on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch keyboard is too difficult then VoiceKeys is developed for you to “say what you want to type”. As you must have heard about Google Voice Recognition service which allows you to say what you want to search in the same manner VoiceKeys does this job by taking […] Read more

In last few weeks there has been a lot of work for adding over lays to Maps Application, firstly it was Speed for Maps which displayed the Speed on top of native Maps application followed by Compass for Maps which displayed the direction in which you were heading or facing your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and […] Read more

If you are a frequent user of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch alram clock and are bored with limited number of Alarm Ringtone then PlayAwake can make you rejoice by applying any of your favorite iPod Music Library Song as Alarm Ringtone. PlayAwake allows you to assign any audio file from iPod music library as an alarm ringtone. This […] Read more

Access to frequently used native applications for iDevices is one of the area where Apple is working hard to improve. This is eminent in the upcoming iOS 5 Betas in which Apple Developers are introducing various features to improve the usability of Phone, SMS and other frequently used applications. However now you don’t have to wait a lot to get your hands-on these tweaks […] Read more

In the past we have review ArrangeStatusBar which allows you to rearrange Status bar icons for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch but the its utility was limited to Tap and Arrange with hardly any other option to save custom layouts and fix wrapping. Therefore Jailbreak community offer another Tweak named StatusTweak to perform the same functionality but with numerous options for […] Read more

iOS over the past years has been continuously evolving however notifications and access to frequently used services has always remained a sore point. In the past we have reviewed the Jailbreak Ultimate Notification center BBSettings for current iOS 4.x whereas Apple has also incorporated new Notification Center in its iOS 5 Beta which is still […] Read more

Apple iOS allows you to delete Application, Games and Software right from your Home Screen using the “x” button during wiggle mode which might has started looking oldish or if you are missing Android Delete feature which allows you to Drag and Drop Applications, Games or Software from your Home Screen to Recycle Basket the Jailbreak community has […] Read more

Get rid of boring Slide to Unlock iPhone and iPod Touch Lock Screen and replace it with GravityLockScreen Jailbreak tweak to add bounces of Gravity. You can change the gravity and bounce that comes originally with this Jailbreak tweak in order to match you wallpaper showcase. You have the provision to hide the Lock Bar which will even enhance the overall look of […] Read more


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