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Second and last Recall for all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 following occurrence of many hazardous incidents

samsung-note-7There have been many hazardous incidents occurring due to the fault in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 , and this has led to the termination of further production of the device by the company in addition to a recall of all Galaxy Note 7 that have already been purchased. Now, according to the latest developments , The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has also called for a recall of all Galaxy Note 7 , whether they are from the original batch that was shipped or the ones that were the replacements, thereby making the recall official.

There have been approximately 23 hazardous incidents , including damages to property and burns , involving the Galaxy Note 7 in the US alone following the original request by Samsung asking users to return the device back to the company. With the recall by the CPSC implemented , it is now officially illegal to sell Galaxy Note 7 in the US.

There have also been reports that the replaced versions of the Samsung galaxy Note 7 , have also exploded , either causing burns to users or causing property damage, however it is unclear of the number as some incidents haven’t made headlines. Now however due to the CPSC official recall report we can officially tally the numbers.

According to the reports by the CPSC , there have been 96 cases of overheating batteries in the US alone , which include 23 new cases following the recall that was given by Samsung announcement on 15 September. Incidents involving the Galaxy Note 7 include 47 reports of damage to property and 13 cases of burns obtained by users while using the phone.

fireboxIt is requested to all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users to please follow the procedure outlined by Samsung and the CPSC , by terminating the use of the device, switching it off, and using a fire proof box to return the device to the company, thereby allowing for safe passage during transit.

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