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Have you ever get in a situation where you need to open zip files on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad devices? Well if yes then you don’t have to worry now because you can have the solution right now and believe me it is free of cost. Zip Browser is an amazing app developed by […] Read more

Tons of Cydia Winterboard and Dreamboard themes are already available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices which allows you to set Live Weather conditions or reports on your Lockscreen. Not only this, When apple introduced Notification Center feature in latest iOS 5.0 firmware, even then developer were not allowed to show up weather widget on the lock screen. Therefore, […] Read more

I am sure you may have come across apps which allows you to send iPhone 4S Siri commands to control Mac system. Today, we have seen a new app called Vocal probably the best of all as it brings some amazing features allowing you to use iPhone 4S to control apps, perform searches, copy-and-paste text, control iTunes, […] Read more

Amazon’s has released an update of its Kindle App and new version has already hit the app store. Users who owns iPad devices will get the most out of this update as it brings full-color magazines support along with newspapers with options of both individual issues and subscriptions. It is pertinent to mention here that previously same facily was […] Read more

Microsoft has released its Xbox app with name My Xbox LIVE for iOS Devices. Application which is already available at App Store has been designed mainly for two different types of iOS devices. One will run on iPhone and iPod Touch whereas other one is specially designed for iPad with larger screen support. From App Store: Take your Xbox […] Read more

We have already reviewed best iOS 5 Notification Center Widgets and Tweaks which although adds up the functionality of notification center but all requires a jailbroken device. However, If you are looking for an application similar kind of functionality for a non jailbroken device then thanks to a company called Pepper Stuff who has developed an […] Read more

Apple has released the one of the major update of iBooks app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. The new update brings the most desired feature Nighttime reading theme which will allows users to read books more easily even when they are sitting in dark and will put less stress on their eyes. Another important […] Read more

Google’s mobile apps are become more and more popular all over the world as Android Market has just crossed 10 billion app downloads and the growth rate has reached to one billion app downloads per month. This annoucement has come from the Google: One billion is a pretty big number by any measurement. However, when it’s […] Read more

It was only little while ago when Facebook launched its timeline feature during F8 conference for desktop  and  laptop  users and decided to bring the same feature to iOS devices for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch application. Today, iOS development company Loytr has released an application called Timelines for Facebook which will enables you to go through Timelines of your friends on […] Read more

I am sure you are already aware of Cydia SBSettings jailbreak App which was quite popular in  iOS 3 & iOS 4 but after the launch of iOS 5 now developers have integrated most of SBSettings features into iOS 5 Notification Center. For newbies SBSettings allows you to turn your apps on/off, Reboot/Poweroff your iPhone, Respring any many more. Applications will red color […] Read more

How To Install Amazon App Store On Android Device [Tutorial]

Last month we reported that Amazon had launched it own AppStore for Android which will be providing same kind of services as Android Market and you might be one of them who want to see Amazon AppStore onto your Android device so here we are to provide you with complete tutorial. Amazon AppStore uses your […] Read more

Skyfire Laps has provided a solution called Skyfire, a web browser allows you to Run Flash content on iOS devices which is simply not possible on Safari Browser. Skyfire browser for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is basically a paid Appstore  Application which you can be downloaded an installed in order to view Flash Videos and […] Read more


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