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All about the much awaited Fire TV Stick by Amazon, and comparison with the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Gaming Edition

fire-tv-stickThe much awaited latest version of the Fire TV Stick is finally available from Amazon , as of today , and users will have to pay $39.99 to avail this device. Users willing to buy the Fire TV stick have a added bonus if they buy the Stick before 31 October, whereby they will get  free two months subscription of Hulu in addition to one month free subscription of Sling TV and Amazon Video credit worth $10.

The Amazon device is perfect for users requiring a streaming remote that can easily be connected through the HDMI directly to their device, (either computer or TV) , a remote control that is larger than the actual device and is not to heavy on their pockets. The Fire TV Stick can also instantly download and stream videos, games and music from the Appstore.

Much of these features are very similar to those present in the previous model, however users can expect much better speeds of upto 30% more than previous models largely due to the presence of the Quad-Core processor that can be found in the Fire TV Stick. The remote control that accompanies the device allows instant voice control which is largely due to the presence of the Alexa technology.

Users have the added benefit when connecting with the Internet , of availing direct access to the vast Amazon library of games and apps, in addition to over 300 000 different TV shows and movies , however it should be noted that the 1080p full HD resolution will be present and the TV Stick does not support 4K . Using the Alexa features users can directly control their home automation devices by simply using the voice command in addition to opening apps and searching for various content. Much like the Siri feature available on the Apple TV users can view Gaming Titles for example Crossy Road and Pac-Man 256 via the remote control.

firetv-stick-comparisonComparison between the 2016 Fire TV Stick, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Gaming Edition are given below:

  • All three present Quad-core processors in addition to 8GB of Internal storage, however the 2016 Fire TV stick has 1GB RAM, the Fire TV has 2GB RAM and the Gaming Edition has 8GB RAM.
  • All three have Dual-Antenna , Dual -Band 802 11ac (MIMO) Wi-Fi connectivity option.
  • The Alexa Remote with Voice Control is included in both the 2016 Fire TV Stick and Amazon Fire TV however it is optional in the Fire TV Gaming Edition.
  • The Voice Supported Game controller is included in the Fire TV Gaming Edition however it is optional in the other two versions.
  • The Fire TV and Fire TV Gaming Edition both support up to 4K Ultra HD resolution however the new Fire TV Stick supports only up to 1080p resolution.
  • Ethernet is available in both the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Gaming Edition however it is optional in the new Fire TV Stick.
  • Additional storage is available in the Amazon Fire TV via the microSD net and in the Fire TV Gaming Edition via the microSD net in addition to the 32GB microSD card, however the new Fire TV Stick does not have additional storage option.
  • The Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition supports high performance games ,and has 2 games already included ,while the Fire TV supports high performance games and the new Fire TV Stick only has casual games and others.
  • The cost of the new Fire TV Stick is $39.99 whereas the Fire TV costs $99.99 and the Fire TV Gaming Edition costs $139.99.



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