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Google Android Music Services Store Officially Released – Free exclusive Music, Google+ Integration

It has been a long time since we are listening that Google is planning to release the iTunes competitor for online music store and finally the day has come that Google has released the Google Music Store. The official announcement came during “These Go to Eleven” music media event according to which the Google Music Services will be available for Android as well as the web. And there’s good news for those residing in US that these services would be initially for to use.

Google in an attempt to compete with iTunes, Amazon Music Store as well as addition of services like iTunes Match, Cloud Storage has took this step of launching the services which could pave the way for Google to further increase the music content  foot print. Google music services also allows you to “pin” music for later offline listening.


Google music application can be download from Android Market for free on any device running Android 2.2 or onwards. However iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can only access the services from the web interface using Mobile Safari. Currently the service allows you to upload unto 20,000 songs to your personal online storage.

Shop music on Android Market and listen instantly using the Google Music app.

Google Music is a cloud-powered music player and storage service that lets you keep your music collection online so you can save space on your Android device.
* All your your music purchases from Android Market automatically appear on Google Music.
* Add up to 20,000 more songs from your personal music collection on your computer for free.
* Access to your entire music library instantly with the Google Music app, and save your favorites for offline playback.
* Share a free full play of the songs you purchased from Android Market with your friends on Google+. 
* Learn more about Google Music at http://music.google.com/about
* Available in the U.S. only.

Source Android Market

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