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There are lot of Applications and Games which ask for inApp purchase for additional functionaltiy so Jailbreak community has come up with a way to bypass purchase and allowing to to obtain that functionality for free by using iAP Cracker. iAP Cracker cracks dlc/inapp purchases file residing on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and […] Read more

Regular visitor of Koolmobile will be aware of the face that you can morph Android, Web-OS, Windows Mango onto their iPhone and iPod Touch using Dreamboard so now HoneyPad provides the same functionality for iPad and iPad 2 users to transform their devices into complete UI for Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Web-OS, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango […] Read more

At times you might need to Schedule SMS due to your personal or business commitments so Jailbreak community offers you Future SMS which can automate you SMS sending by Adding SMS in list and on specified time send automatic SMS. In the past we have reviewed BiteSMS which also adds some major features addition however Future SMS is a pretty simple […] Read more

Folder provides categorization for different types of applications, games, utilities etc so the Jailbreak community thought of themeing them by applying customized folder wallpapers which should distinctly classify the type on applications contained in that folder so Beautifolders is developed to provide the same. Few themes for Folder backgrougn wallpapers have been included in the package however you can also design your […] Read more

In the recent past we have reviewed few fun Jailbreak Applications which allo you to transform your Home Screen into lively interface using dynamic transformations e.g. Barrel Effects, DeepEnd 3D, GraviBoard etc however to further transform the home screen MaltiWall Jailbreak Application allows you to customize Wallpaper for each home screen page and that too for Free. MultiWall also allows you to […] Read more

Multitasking for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has been in business since long however double tapping the home button to activate icons multitask switcher with almost no information of content in specific service therefore Jailbreak community has always been working to bring some thing innovative and this time its webOS-style card switching multitasking. Although we have reviewed Multiflow […] Read more

If you have experienced Android you must be aware that there a many quick winks shortcuts available for accessibility one of which is ability to view recently used Applications by simple shortcut key so from the idea Jailbreak community has come up with Android Recent Apps Application which integrates with Activator to display Recent used Applications on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.          Android Recent Apps allows […] Read more

Ever felt like attaching any file on email when you are within the native mail application, you don’t see any option to attach rather you have to browse respective content like opening Photo from Photo Gallery and press share as email option to make Photo attachment. So simply we can say that its cumbersome process of you have to select […] Read more

SMS Censor – Block Incoming SMS based on Keywords Filter on iPhone

In the past we have reviewed Jailbreak Applications to block incoming Calls and SMS based on Mobile number in which one of the famous recent posted Application is iBlacklist however you might not be able to completely get rid of Spam SMSs as these companies keep on changing mobile numbers. But now Jailbreak community has further refined the blocking to […] Read more

Regular Alarm users of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch realize that when alarm sounds the only option displayed on LockScreen is to put alarm on Snooze and there is no button to Stop the alarm. This minor functionality is filled by SnoozeOrStop which displays Snooze as well as Stop button on sounding of alarm. At […] Read more

Old iPhone users must be aware that there are so many minor functionalities which are missing from iOS one of which is inability to forward contact information as business card to some other contact via SMS. But no worries Jailbreak community has again come handy as always by providing iSendContact Jailbreak Application which allows you to send contact details from iSendContact […] Read more

If you are frequent international traveler and you use you iPhone at different destinations you must be aware of International Call Phone Services which offer low rate calls to more than 125 countries across the globe. One of such service is OneSimCard Service which provides an international SIM card working all across the world i.e. Europe, Asia, The Middle East, Africa, South America, Central America, South […] Read more


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