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If you use Clock Timer and Stopwatch applications on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch then TimerBar is the best Jailbreak Tweak which can make your work more smooth and easy. TimerBar places a bar on the top of iOS status bar which shows you real time Clock timer and Stopwatch alongwith Play, Pause, Repeat action buttons. TimerBar works in […] Read more

If you live in Malaysia Magnum, Da Ma Cai & Sports Toto Lottery then your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will come handy in displaying you the results in a flash using ABS Live 4D Jailbreak Application then there is no need to pay for AppStore applications. Its important in lottery you remain updated with the results or you […] Read more

If you are iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch geek and know how to play Adobe Photoshop, Icon Thief will be quite a handy tool for you as it will enable you to retrieve all the applications and theme icons present on your device and forward them onto your PC/Mac as Zip folder. After collected on PC/Mac you […] Read more

To enable call forwarding in iOS using iPhone you have to navigate to settings and change the phone call forwarding settings by entering a forwarding number to activate but on each activation and deactivation the same process has to be repeated therefore folks at Jailbreak community has come up with Call Forwarding SBSettings Toggle which puts the enable/disable button on […] Read more

MyWi 5.0 Updated With Support for iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Creating Wifi Hotspots on your 3G/EDGE connection has been a plus for Android Phones since inception of Android 2.3 Gingerbread however the facility to create Personnel Hotspots was added in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in iOS 4.3.x this year. But the functionaltiy of Apple Personnel Hotspots is limited to iOS 4 users and not supported accross the board for all iDevices therefore MyWi by Intelliborn for […] Read more

YourTube is one of the most popular tweak for downloading Youtube Videos within native YouTube application for later offline viewing however for last couple of months since inception of iOS 4.3.x YourTube 2.0 was not supported to run the downloaded videos. Few moments ago the Tweak has been upgraded to a major revision YourTube 3.0. However still the stability for YourTube is intesting therefore folks at […] Read more

TomTom Mobile Navigator is one of the best navigation software available for iPhone and iPod Touch and using a workaround you can enable full screen navigation on your iPad 2 3G as well. However addons are always welcomed which enhance the overall usability of the navigation and today we review Wifi Hotspots Free Tomtom Addon. After the Addon is installed you will be able to see Free […] Read more

If you are a regular reader of Koolmobile you might have come across Gesture Recognition using Dolphin Browser which is an AppStore Application however Jailbreak community is always one step ahead as they have extended gesture recognition for complete iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch functionality including launching of Apps using Gesturizer Jailbreak Tweak. Gesturizer integrates it self with activator and you can set […] Read more

BeyondSMS allows you to customize the native SMS application by displaying live camera background as well as put password on message application. You can customize SMS application background by winterboard themes but its limited to only static wallpapers but using beyond SMS you can add live camera as background. It also allows you to hide conversations and […] Read more

Now you can play your favorite MSX games using Advanced MSX emulator with support for the original hardware up to the TurboR for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android. Now you can play MSX roms on your iDevices and Androids using MSX emu. Previously we had reviewed GBA Emulator which allowed you to play Gameboy Advance Games on […] Read more

We have reviewed FindMyiPhone and TraceSaver which are services to locate your lost or misplaced iPhone but FindMyiPhone is only free for iPhone 4 that too on iOS 4.2.1 whereas TraceSaver is free but with limited capabilities. Moreover FindMyiPhone service only allows you to locate your Phone’s exact location but does not sends you snap of the thief. Therefore Jailbreak community […] Read more

TomTom Mobile Navigator is one of the best navigation software available for iPhone and iPod Touch and using a workaround you can enable full screen navigation on your iPad 2 3G as well. However support of Speedcam alerts is missing from the Application and therefore Jialbreak community mmebers probably from France have launched Radar France Tomtom Addon Tweak which adds support for Speedcams in TomTom […] Read more


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