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Hajj is one of the major Islamic Ritual which is performed in Saudi Arabia and thousands of Muslims from all across the world gather at Mecca and Medina. Every Muslim once in his lifetime has to perform Hajj if his financial stature permits as Hajj teaches the lesson of unity and submission to Allah. For […] Read more

How to Enable iTunes Match on Apple TV 2

Today reported you that Apple has released  iTunes 10.5.1 Beta 2 for developers only. The version has brought support for iTunes Match on Apple TV along with several other bug fixes. If you owns an Apple TV then i am sure you would be interested to enable iTunes Match option on Apple TV 2.  Just […] Read more

Hulu Plus for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch provides live streaming for your favorite TV shows as well as Movies. Recently Hulu Plus has redesigned the Hulu Plus application for Apple TV using AppStore however purportedly Apple is deliberately not approving Hulu Plus Apple TV Application as it stands as competitors to Apple native streaming services. Hulu […] Read more

Apple working on Siri enabled Apple TV launch by late 2012 [Report]

It was the Apple ex CEO and the co-founder of the company Steve Jobs said to Walter Isaacson, the authorized biographer “I finally cracked it” and to be honest it was about the upcoming integration of Siri with Apple TV. It means complete Voice Assisted TV will be hitting out home by end next years […] Read more

Last week we had reported that Apple TV software updated to Version 4.4.1 which brought bug fixes and minor performance improvements over the already featured Photo Stream, NHL Games, Wall Street Journal, AirPlay Mirroring, Trailers on iOS 4.4 Apple TV.  Today apple has just released another update for Apple TV software named as Version 4.4.2. This release as previous one is more of a maintenance release […] Read more

Recently we reported you that Apple TV software updated to Version 4.4 which brought Photo Stream, NHL Games, Wall Street Journal, AirPlay Mirroring, Trailers on Apple TV.  Today apple has released another update for Apple TV software named as Version 4.4.1 build 9A335A which brings bug fixes and minor performance improvements to previously released version 4.4. However, reports have […] Read more

How to Update Apple TV iOS 4.4 aka iOS 5 Successfully

Apple has just released latest iOS 5 which brings hundreds of features to iDevices and we hope that you have already upgraded your idevice to the latest operating system. Yesterday we also reported that a new Version 4.4 for Apple TV was also released along with iOS 5. However, when owners tried to update it, Apple TV gets stuck […] Read more

Apple has just released most awaited iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch devices along with OS X Lion 10.7.2 Final Update for Mac OS X users. If you owns an Apple TV then then we have some good news for you that Apple has also released an update for Apple TV Version 4.4 which brings many […] Read more

Netflix fans in Latin America and the Caribbean can rejoice as the famous TV Shows and Movie streaming Service has been officially launched from today which is currently serving more tha 25 Million subscribers only in North America. The announcement came from Rochelle King, Netflix VP of User Experience and Design according towhich Netflix was trying […] Read more

If you are one of the lucky owner of iPhone, iPad and Apple TV then you can enjoy playing iOS Games on Big Screen using Joypad Application provided the game you downloaded supports Joypad API. The Joypad API uses the power of AirPlay by which it streams the content to Apple TV over the air and extra controls are left for […] Read more

If you are one of the Apple TV 2 user you can rejoice as Jailbreak brings you Live ESPN3, Amazon VOD , Online Movies and more Free of cost via Internet streaming. In this post we will tell you the complete procedure to Jailbreak Apple TV 2 using Seas0nPass and at the end you would be […] Read more

Jailbreak opens endless possibilities for your iDevice whether it be the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch so how can the Jailbreak community forget the Apple TV 2G. Seas0nPass adds number of new features to your Apple TV 2G after Jailbreak including access to additional service providers, open file system to play your own content, subtitles options, cover arts and best […] Read more


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