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macOS Sierra 10.12 Announced: Download Beta, Features, Release Date And More

Apple during Annual WWDC 2016 announced revamped OSX renamed macOS 10.12 codenamed Sierra for Macbook, iMac and Mac Mini owners. The next generation of macOS contains value added improvements inform of small features. Lets have sneak preview of all the major features induced in upcoming OS update,


macos sierra siri

One of the most anticipated feature of iOS has finally be made available on Mac. Siri will appear on top right menu bar and can be clicked to search for files in finder as well as sending messages. Moreover the function of Siri will be almost similar to how it works on iOS devices by activating voice guidance for searching tons of data and brining answers to relevant questions. In addition SDK for Siri has been made available to developers who can integrate the functionality into their 3rd party apps.

Auto Unlock

macos auto unlock

Auto unlock feature will allow you mac device to automatically unlock if it detects you wearing paired Apple Watch thereby eliminating the need to enter password.

Universal Clipboard

macos universal clipboard

Apple has finally integrated Clipboard for iOS & Mac devices thereby any copy/paste function will be available on both devices.

Desktop Syncronization

macos icloud drive

Apple has finally made iCloud syncronization more seamless by data available on all iCloud devices without any physical intervention. Desktop of one devices will have all data available on other devices and vice versa.

“You simply save your files on your Desktop or within your Documents folder as you usually do and you will have them everywhere you need them. You can access your files on your iPhone and iPad in the iCloud Drive® app and on iCloud.com or the iCloud for Windows app.” 

Photos App


Memories feature has been introduced in Photos App which will allow you to have a glimpse on your past memories moreover arranging photos based on places and faces will also be introduced. Lastly addition of touchup feature which will have single click touchup for your snaps.

Apple Pay


Apple Pay service has been extended to Safari where it will connect with your iOS device for authorization via touch ID and directly processing payment requests.

Picture in Picture


It was not very long ago that Picture In Picture feature was introduced in iPads and now Apple is finally introducing the same feature in macOS.

Messages App


Messages App will allow you to send large emoji and have preview of posted links directly within the messages app.

Apple Music


Apple Music is revamped with much crisper redesigned browse & discover music,

“The new Browse section lets everyone see the best of what’s available on Apple Music, from exclusives and new releases to playlists and top charts.” 

Optimized storage and Performance

Apple has reiterated the use of iCloud by saying,

“Make room for new files by keeping older ones in the cloud”

Moreover across the board performance improvement will be one of the key in next iteration of macOS.

Availability Release Date

macOS 10.12 Sierra is available for Developers Beta and July it will be made available as Public Beta followed by Release in Fall this year. Developers who are enrolled to Apple Developers Program can head over to developer.apple.com to download the beta.

macOS 10.12 beta

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