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Images of the new IPhone leaked through Images released of Assembled Parts

In addition to reports that the next Iphone is to be released on September 21st,after the media event reported to be scheduled on September 12th,images have been leaked appearing to show the IPhone 5 that in addition to showing images of how the iPhone looks also show the redesigned Dock connector and all new rear panel.

On thorough examination it seems that the next generation smartphone appears to be a modification of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S theme with slight design changes.It also appears that the previous reports that Apple had prototypes of a 3.5-inch  versions seem to be false according to these images and it appears that Apple is going to go with a 4-inch,16:9 inch version.

There are significant changes in the rear panel,namely the replacement of the glass panel with a metal one,in the hopes to reduce the number of iPhones needing replacement as a result of being broken.

Taking the assumption that these are images of the next iPhone,it can be said that like it’s previous generations this will be one gorgeous smartphone.

In addition to the smaller Dock Connector and nano-SIM there will also supposedly be an in-cell display thereby enabling more room for the earlier reported LTE radio in addition to the larger battery to accompany it.

In addition to the iPhone 5 reported to debut on the September 12 ,reports are that the iPad Mini and iPod Nano are to be announced on the same date.There are also recent reports claiming that the new iPod Touch will also be revealed at the same event.

(Images Source:9to5mac)

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