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Latest iOS 10 Jailbreak Video Demonstration

iOS-10-JailbreakLuca Tedesco (an Italian Developer and researcher) has just released a video  ,which can be found on Twitter , that demonstrates the technique of  iOS Jailbreaking specifically for 64-bit smartphones. This video comes just hours prior to the long awaited 7 September event ,in which Apple is to announce it’s latest flagship phone ,the iPhone 7. This jailbreak is yet another verification to already suspected notion that the most recent Apple Mobile OS can be Jailbroken.

The very first verification was given by the very popular hacker iH8snow,who is famous for the Snowbreeze and iFaith, when he demonstated using Cydia on iPhone 5 ,in June 2016. To follow in his footsteps ,Pangu (which is a very famous group of Chinese hackers) showed of their Jailbreaking skills by producing Jailbreaking options for iOS 8.x and iOS 9.x , both which they demonstrated during the 2016 Mobile Security Conference that was held in Shanghai.

The video can be watched below

In the video we can see a 64-bit iPad that is being powered by iOS 10 Beta 8, that is Jailbroken and run on Cydia. At the beginning of the video there is a single tap Jailbreak solution , to be followed by Tedesco going straight into Cydia thereby giving confirmation to the fact that the procedure is successful, however it can’t be guaranteed that the procedure used will be successful in the latest iOS 10 version or that we will be able to get our hands on it.

It should be noted that much of the latest work done by Tedesco is mostly not available to the public and is mainly used in his research work. However even if it is not to cater for the general public it still gives confirmation the fact that the iOS 10 can be Jailbroken, however this fact may be altered in the duration before the final general public model. However the first two options of Jailbreaking are still available (the Pangu and iH8snow options),and here’s hoping they will cater to the general public following the iOS 10 release and let’s hope they are easy to use.


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