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Kodi 17 for Apple TV, iPhone, Windows, Android CodeName Krypton Released with Redesigned UI Download

One of the most loved home theatre apps ,Kodi, has finally upgraded it’s skin.Previously it had been using the same Confluence skin,which was the same skin that it had been it’s default since Kodi’s origin in 2009.

Estuary Kodi

The new skin is actually two skins.Firstly,Estuary,which will be a replacement to the default interface ,this is available for the new Kodi 17 version and above.Those users that would like to try the new skin on their existing Kodi Application are required to first install the Kodi 17 version (whose code name is Krypton),however currently Kodi 16 is the stable version,however users can download the early access developer builds here.

Estouchy Kodi


Secondly,the other skin is the Estouchy.Both skins are very similar ,however the Estouchy has primarily been designed specifically for users using mobile interface(having touch input),which was previously not available in Kodi versions.This new version allows both these skins to be used using the same design language,enabling it to be used in a greater variety of devices.Both skins are said to be wonderful and a great upgrade for users.

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