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Kodi 16.0 Jarvis Available To Download for Apple TV, Mac OSX, Windows, iOS & Android Here’s What Is New

The previously XBMC media centre platform- now popularly known as Kodi ,has been upgraded to Jarvis(or version 16.0).This Version 16.0 brings an immense range of improvements “both behind the scene “ and a few user-facing ones as well.


After much hard work the Kodi developers have greatly improved communication with the platform,for the users using it.

New Features and upgrades

The introduction of the long press function, has been much awaited by users,which enables users ,using a set-top like hardware,to access Kodi through a contextual on-screen menu by long pressing the OK or Enter button on the remote control.

With the addition of the event logging feature ,the user is constantly informed of updating events considered important .Information about various errors that have occurred enable the user to mend errors ,like when plugins have failed.When the event logger,for example ,is scanning a new library and various videos have not successfully been imported ,the user will be alerted and the error will be noted hence allowing the user to mend it.


Improvements in the Add-on Manager as well as the Music Library are also expected.

The previously “roll –back” button ,in the add-on manager ,has been relabelled as “update”,this feature provides a new list of updates that are available to the user.The problem faced by users previously of content that was warped due to stretching ,has been mended with the introduction of a revamped code which stretches 4:3 content to 16:9.

With the introduction of Android Surface Rendering ,according to Kodi Developers:

“The video is always displayed on one Android surface while the UI is displayed on a second Android surface.This allows Kodi to display it’s skin at it’s native resolution (typically 720p) ,while simultaneously displaying 4K video on the same screen”


In addition to this Kodi also now features DirectX 11 which allows backward compatibility with Direct 9X cards ,in addition to support for new and upgraded graphic cards and tools.This will enable the Kodi for Windows to remain upgarded for years to come.

Following the various enjoyed previous updates to the video library ,the developers now aim to give the music library users the same experience.

The complete change log is given below:





To download and install Kodi visit Kodi Website

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