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CyanogenMod 7 Demoed Dual-Boot Android / webOS Support on HP Touch Using ACME Installer

CyanogenMod 7 team has been bring updates on frequent basis to an Issues list which was recently shared publicly in which all achievements were mentioned about what functions that has been up and running at the moment on HP Touchpad. In recent success CyanogenMod Team was successfully able to resolve Bluetooth issue and made it available for all interconnections which means devices having Bluetooth support can be connected including hands-free, keyboardsand file transfers between devices.

Today another milestone has been acheived by CyanogenMod7 Team as they have mentioned to successfully dual-boot Android/WebOS on HP Touch using ACME Installer.

Internet Darling,

It has been nearly a week since you’ve heard from us. Far, far too long.

Today we want to introduce you to “A CyanogenMod Experimental Installer”, aka “ACME Installer”. Once released, it will be a fairly simple and hopefully safe method to install CM to your Touchpad. The process is as simple as we could make it– once you start ACME Installer, it does all the hard stuff.

This best part of this video is that the procedure has been kept simple and will be completed in three simple steps which includes ACME Installer through you will able run CyanogenMod7 on HP TouchPad, a utility called novacom which is used in HP to load and run the ACME Installer available for Linux, Mac, and Windows computers and lastely cm-update file which contains files required for CM7.

We will keep you posted on latest updates on CyanogenMod 7 developments on HP TouchPad  follow us on  twitter  and facebook to get updates on Apple, Android, Symbian, Gadgets & News.

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