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YouTube For Android Updated, Brings ‘Watch later’ and +1 Button Features[Download Now]

YouTube is one of the most popular Video and Audio Content sharing website therefore YouTube Application has been incorporated not only in Android devices but also iOS and Windows Phone devices. Today, Google has released a new version of YouTube for Android devices. The new version 2.3.4 has not brought any major change in User Interface (UI) but few other options have been added.

YouTube new version has brought +1 button which will increase your interaction with growing Google+ social network. In addition to that you can also have Watch Later queue option available which allows you to queue videos in a “Watch later” list. After updating, You can return back to your “Watch later” list by simply pressing the Menu button then choose “My Channel” and finally go over to the “Playlists” tab. There is another interesting and needed option available in new version which is Uploading while editing video info which basically allows you to edit the video information at the same time when you are uploading it.

Now if you want to download latest YouTube Version 2.3.4 then head over to Android Market where it is available free of cost.

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