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YouTube Analytics Will Give You More Information About Who’s Watching Your Videos

Users who are more interested in knowing about audience who is actually watching their videos shared on YouTube already using YouTube Insight feature. Although, it is a very powerful stats gathering tool which let anybody having a YouTube account to check out detailed information about the viewers for the videos uploaded to the site but now YouTube is going to replace Insight with YouTube Analytics.

From YouTube  blog post:

  • More Detailed Reports: Analytics now includes more detailed statistics so that you can have a more precise understanding of your content and audiences.
  • Audience Builders: Discover which videos are driving the most views and subscriptions.
  • Audience Retention: See how far viewers are watching through your video in the new audience retention report.

YouTube Analytic will bring new features for the users in addition to what you used to get in Insight. These new features will give you a quick  and easy access to more detailed information. We suggest you to check out this brand new YouTube Analytics feature and let us know about your feedback in comments.

Via [thenextweb]

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