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You Can Correct Certain Features of Mac OS X Lion Through Lion Tweaks

Since the launch of Mac OS X Lion, we have shared many posts on Mac OS X Lion operating system which includes Create An OS X Lion Recovery/Installation External Drive, Skype 5.3 Released, Brings HD Video Calls With OS X Lion Support, AirDrop for Wireless Sharing etc. If you want to get more information regarding OS X Lion then check out our OS X Lion page.

Today we are going to introduce a new app called Lion Tweaks which allows you to correct certain new features in Mac OS X 10.7 which makes you feel irritated all the time. This application allows you to enable/disable below mentioned list of new features as set them as par your own requirement.

  • Show th use Library folder
  • Enable the 2D-Dock
  • Remove system Window animation
  • Remove Mail Window animation
  • Remove Reading List icon in Safari
  • Disable Spelling Correction
  • Get a new Stack (Dock) List View
  • Highlight Stack items on mouseover
  • Change iCal Leather to Aluminium
  • Enable repeating keys
  • Enable permanent scrollbars
  • Show hidden files
  • Disable the Crash Dialog Popup
  • Change Addressbook Leather to Aluminium
You can download the tweak from developers website
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