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Worldwide Tablet Market Share For Q2 2011, Android Market Share Declines[Report]

It was all started when Apple launch its first Tablet called iPad. Since its launch Tablet war has been going on as several other tablets running Android, WebOS etc have hit the market. International Data Corporation (IDC), global provider of market intelligence, has made available a worldwide data for tablet market share for the 2nd quarter 2011. Comparing 2nd quarter results with 1st quarter, growth has gown up to 62.4 million units which is over than previous projection of 53.5 million units.

Although, overall tablet growth shows possitive signs but bad news for Android Market share which as gown down from 34.0% to 26.8%. Drop in Android market share sounds even more surprising as a lot of Android tablets were released in the 2nd quarter as compared to 1st quarter of 2011 when only 3G version of the XOOM and the Galaxy Tab were available at that time.  It makes you thing that either 1st quarter of 2011 results were wrong or this quarter’s is. RIM’s PlayBook grabbed 4.9%, and Apple rose to 68.3% from 65.7%. The worst part of this report is IDC sees Android’s market share will continue to decline and end up at 25.9% this year.

Via [talkandroid]

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