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Windows Phone Web Marketplace Launched

If your are a Windows Phone user then you must be the most happiest person as time is coming close when Microsoft is going to launch Windows Phone Mango update. However, just before that Microsoft has also launched a brand new web based Marketplace worldwide for their Windows Phone users. This Marketplace will allow users to search and buy apps available for WP7 and then send it directly to their device via a link in an SMS or email.

The purpose of bringing this complete new web based Marketplace is compete with already available popular web based solutions from Apple called App Store and Google called Android Market. It is not an independent solution and works as a part of  Zune Desktop application and WP7 Marketplace.

Windows Phone users should now be feeling so much comfortable because now then can search and install applications by following an easy procedure and if they like then application then it can also be shared at social networking websites via social buttons for services such as Facebook and Twitter.

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