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Windows Phone Mango 7.5 update release set for September 27 roll out for AT&T customers

Couple of days ago we had reported official Microsoft press release according to which Windows Phone Mango 7.5 update was reported to hit the devices within two weeks time however today purportedly we have got a definite release date for AT&T US Customers with leaked plans confirming a September 27 release reported by WinRumor. Windows Phone Mango 7.5 update is much anticipated release with many new features which had already been made available for Windows Phone users who received their devices with Windows Mango.

The news came from number of emails sent between AT&T employees in the knowledge of company’s Mango updates,

Starting September 27, 2011, Microsoft has approved and is planning to release a new “Mango” update to AT&T customers using:

  • HTC Surround (SKU 65212)
  • LG Quantum (SKU 65205)
  • Samsung Focus (SKU 65203) [More on this below]

A subsequent release is projected to be available for customers with the HTC HD7S (SKU 65255) in early to mid October. A subsequent advisory will be provided for the HTC HD7S after the MR update has successfully passed TA.

The Samsung team came back an provided this information about WINDOWS 7.5 for the Samsung Focus devices.

  1. rev 1.3(Micron): Windows 7.5 update will be available through Zune on 9/27.
  2. rev 1.4(LSI) : Update has not entered the AT&T SPE lab yet; however, Samsung is targeting for 10/17 lab entry and 10/31 TA

All those Window Phone users who have been already updated to Mango through an unofficial ROM should plan on restoring your device to the official NoDo build which is a prerequisite to official Mango update.

Source  WinRumors

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