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Windows Phone 8 Will Share The Same Kernel as Windows 8, Voice Integration For email

Recently we have informed about upcoming Microsoft Windows 8 which will take just 8 second to boot up using  Hybrid Shutdown. Today, another news has arrived but this time about Windows Phone 8.

Evidences has been found through some Microsoft job postings and employee resumes, pointing to the possibility of both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 being built on the same kernal. This whole investigation was done by Stephen Chapman over at ZDnet.

Resume of a former Program Manager:

The responsibilities included program managing software update features to provide device update technology that enables end-users to update Windows Phone OS with a new set of phone features including bug fixes. In this role, I delivered a set of functional requirements specifications for the major update components to enable image updates for the next generation Windows Phone OS (aka Apollo). They are Packaging System, Imaging System, Flashing System, Update OS, Update Validator and Update Application. Also drove and tracked early investigations for the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 OS convergence to create Mobile SKUs.

Resume from a HTC Senior Product Planner:

Owned the advanced planning relationship with Microsoft; drove Microsoft “Apollo” product planning discussion and led HTC cross-division feedback. Identified high potential partners and technologies; initiated/participated in new partnership discussions; ensured the relevant technology integrations and strategic alignment.Restructured communication channel between the planning and field communication team; greatly increased the sell-in material accuracy and increased the overall update rate by 50+% Spearheaded the 2012 Windows mobile phone product roadmap.

Another resume which talks about new Windows Phone 8 features:

Design and development of new features for Windows Phone-8. Implemented the ‘Voice-Compose’ (STT) and the ‘Read-Aloud’ (TTS) features for native email-clients.

Finally quote which mentions Windows Phone updates:

Launch readiness for account within region of responsibility (e.g. Mango, Tango1, Tango2, Apollo, etc.)

Although we can’t be 100% sure that what we have mentioned above is going to be implemented but we can’t only assume based on above mentioned references that Microsoft plans to bring PCs, tablets and phones under same kernal and UI.


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