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Windows Phone 7 Mango 7720 RTM Leaked[How to Install]

We have recently covered a story about Window Phone 7 Mango Build 7712. Today, the final build of Mango has been accidently leaked to the public and now has been made available for download. So users can now flash their Window Phone 7 devices ranging from NoDo, 7661 or build 7712 up to 7720 although the latest version of the Zune client (4.8.2134.0) will be required



Whats Needed

1-  Phone with Nodo (7392), 7661 (Beta Developer) or 7712 (Developer Beta Refresh)
2-  Micro-USB cable
3-  Laptop/PC with at least 20 GB of free disk space on C:
4-  An external hard drive or USB flash drive with up to 16 GB of free space
5-  Procedure will take 1.5 – 2 hours
6-  Download the required Windows Phone 7 Mango 7720 RTM folder from here or here

How to Install

1-  All contents must be extracted to a local disk, not a backup/external disk.
2.  Install the zune beta client version 4.8.2134.0 which comes with downloaded file.
3.  If required, launch the flashing tool “updatewp” from the folder called “update tool”. Make sure you install the right version for your windows computer(32 bit – or 64 bit)
4.  Connect Device to the Laptop/PC using USB.
5.  Close Zune software, if it opens automatically while connecting.

Note!!! If your device is allready using 7661 or 7712 then go to Step 16

6.  Open the “NoDoToRC” folder. Right click and run the file “ISV_Provisioning_Live.exe” with admin rights.
7.  “ISV_Provisioning_Live.exe” will now create a backup of your phone which will take some time depending on how much you have installed on your device.
8.   Once completed, your phone will reboot and start communicating with a “special” update server. You need to enter PIN code if it is activated on your device.
9. Please dont close the update tool until it say its finished.
10.  In the directory “C: Users <user> AppData Local Microsoft Windows Mobile Update,” you would find newly created backup folder with a cryptic name. You can copy the folder to a secure location (external hard disk, etc.) to keep it safe.
11.  Now start the Zune client while your  your phone is connected and it will start looking for updates.
12. Build 7403 will now be found and installed automatically.
13. After 7403 has finished updating, the update is moving seamless to 7712 – the public developer beta.
14. If everything is done properly: Congratulations, the phone is in now running build 7712
15. Close/exit Zune.

Note:- Now you must pay attention to following steps

16.  Copy the “RCToRTM” folder to “c: ”
17.  Find “ISVTo7720.bat” in the RCToRTM folder and run it by right clicking it as admin rights.
18.   It will install several updates and during the update installation your phone might reboot a few times.
19. If everything goes well then your phone is now on RTM 7720

Windows Phone 7 users have been waiting for long time for Windows Phone Mango which is considered as a major update for Window Phone 7 devices. The purpose of building this platform is to bring Microsoft’s smartphone into the main competitors list which are currently Android and iOS. Major changes found in this update includes additional social networking integration, such as the ability to ‘check in’ at places using Facebook Places, built-in voice-to-text and text-to-voice functionality, enhanced support for Microsoft’s own Bing, Zune SmartDJ support, an enhanced Camera application and many other new features.

if you want to get more information on Windows Phone 7 then visit our Windows Phone 7 section.

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