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Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Test Drive on Android and iOS Devices

Microsoft desires that Android and iOS owners should taste their latest Windows Phone Mango update and have a feel about its navigation because come how they believe that you will love it. Microsoft is also aware of the fact that you won’t buy Windows Phone to get the taste of it therefore they have come up with an online demonstration to give you the Windows phone experience.

To get it all you need to do is visit the link below onto your web browser and here it goes the Windows Phone login screen will pop up so you are all set to go for Windows Phone safari drive. Team Microsoft has filled the Contacts, Photos etc with dummy data so that make and feel of the Windows Phone OS seems more realistic.

We consider this a smart move for Microsoft allowing Android and iOS users to have feel about Windows Phone Mango update which may attract some to go for one of the device. As Nokia Lumia 710 and 800 devices are already hitting the shelves shush kind of move will attract other device users to come to Microsoft which is by far the fourth major mobile OS developer.

Source Demo

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