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Windows 8 boots in 8 seconds using Hybrid Shutdown [Video]

Windows is one of the most popular Operating System for PCs and Laptops however the start up and shutdown timings of Windows have never been impressing. Although in Windows 7 release the boot time was significantly reduced to nearly half a minute from few minutes but still other competitors were far better. We think that Microsoft has taken a serious note of it in their last couple of released and now boot timings have been made super fast as it takes only 8 seconds to boot coming Windows 8.

The technology behind this super fast boot is that Shutdown mechanism on Windows 8 is more sort of hibernation but the difference in current Windows 7 hibernation is that it stores all the data before entering hibernation and restores it on Windows 7 boot up which takes quite lot of time contrary to that Windows 8 only stores OS Kernal on the file which enhances the performance however no other thing is saved and it turns up as normal boot. Another major factor is the use of multi-core processors for hibernation process to do separate tasks which also considerably improves the performance. However if you want to retain old hibernation method it is also available.

You can see Windows 8 boot up on HP EliteBook 8640p comprising of Intel Core i7-620M processor, 8GB Ram & 160GB SSD,

Source MSDN Blogs

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