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WiFiKill For Android – Disconnect Network Connection To Devices On WiFi [ROOT ONLY]

If you are really annoyed of your neighbors taking the most of your internet bandwidth of your WiFi network then we have just come across a perfect solution for you. An application called WiFiKill has been made available in Android Market which allows you to throw out other people attached with your WiFi networks and get hold of all the bandwidth only for yourself. However, in order to get their application on your Android smartphone, you must have an access to the Root.

Once the application is installed on your Android smartphone, all you have to do is to launch the application and then allow it to scan your WiFi network in order to find the attached devices. It will return with a list of connected devices along with their IP address and gives three different options to kill them which are: Drop, Drop + Reject and Drop + Redirect. You can use any of the given option as all are quite effective and get bandwidth to yourself.

You can download the application from Android Market. However in case you don’t find it then you can try to download it form SlideMe.

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