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Why iPhone 4 Siri Port Solution Hasn’t Been Available to Public Yet

We have been keeping a close eye on all the developments regarding Siri feature port on iPhone 4. Couple of days back we reported you that developers which includes Steven Troughton-Smith and Chpwn have been successfully able to port most popular Siri feature on iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod Touch devices along with connectivity to Apple Servers to get response. but questions were being raised from all over the world as no official announcement was coming from developers about public release.

Finally official clarification has come from one of the developers involved in Siri port for iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G devices which explains why the port can’t be made public and reason behind it as pretty much same as suspected, there are some piracy issues along with some technical difficulties.

Although iPhone 4S IPSW is available for everyone to download from internet but copyright Law clearly describes that the only users who are legally authorized to use files in that firmware are users who own an iPhone 4S. It means that anyone try to copy iPhone 4S Siri files and use them on iPhone 4 is basically going against the copyright law unless you owns an
iPhone 4S.

The other reason which is actually preventing Siri port on iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G is nonavailability of jailbreaking tool for iPhone 4S which is must required in order to force Siri to send data to Apple’s servers and for them to accept and process it.

After all what we have discussed above, developer still believes that they will find out a legal way with the help of jailbreak community and port will be made available in future. From developer:

When we have the ability to decrypt the encrypted iPhone 4S firmware file — to extract the Siri files legally, without the need for an iPhone 4S — and we have an iPhone 4S jailbreak to obtain the other nececssary information at a mass scale, hopefully this can become a reality and everyone can try out Siri on their older devices. Until then, showing you a video that it is possible is the best we can do.

In the meanwhile you can check out an alternate solutions which allows you to Install Siri (GUI Only) on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch running iOS 5.

We will be updating you on the future developments of Siri port on iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4 and its final release to public so follow us on twitter and facebook to get updates on Apple, Android, Symbian, Gadgets & News.

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