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WeatherLive v2.0 Released for Windows Phone 7

WeatherLive by Hyperise is one of the favorite Windows Phone 7 application due to its simplicity and seamless integration with Metro. Since the relaunch WaetherLive is one of the most selling application in the category. WeatherLive received a mojor overhaul in the version 2.0 release.

In this post we will give you a sneak preview of the goodies of WeatherLive. Some of the new features of  WeatherLive 2.0 are,

  • Information provided by Weather Underground
  • Displays 6-day forecasts
  • Display Daily and hourly forecasts along with Trends
  • Additional Radar, Webcams, Satellites and Astronomy views
  • Provide Alerts with Toast notifications
  • Displays moon when it is night and the sky based on time of the day and weather
  • Display current temperature along with condition on the tile
WeatherLive v2.0 can be download from here  which includes a Free ad-supported version  as well as WeatherLive 2.0 paid version for 1.49 US$.

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