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Watch Me Change – Create a time lapse video of your face Fun Application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Watch Me Change is a fun application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which allows you to save your facial changes in a time lapse video which you can later share with your friends and family members. The application will remind you daily to take a snap of yourself and later it will arrange the photos into a symmetrical order for creating a time lapse video. In the past we have reviewed Glmps which had revolutionized the way you store your photos by adding few seconds video along before sharing. In the same manner Watch Me Change wont require any specific instructions to be followed rather a simple overlay of previous image will be displayed so that current image is adjusted to size and angle. When you have more than 10 snaps available it will look like a video showing the changes effecting your face in real time.


Some of the major features of Watch Me Change are,

  • Timed reminders to help you take pictures every day of the face you want to capture in motion with an integrated delay function if the time is not right 
  • Complete flexibility in taking the pictures of faces changing. There is no need to have your subject in the same place or wearing the same things every day – the overlay feature takes care of making your photos match up 
  • Full control over the final product, including removing specific images from the video or adjusting its length 
  • Tools to upload your video to social networking sites with a simple click 

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You can install Watch Me Change Full Version  by following the procedure here for trial but please buy it from Appstore links above for 0.99US$ if your like it.

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