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Watch Live ESPN3, Amazon VOD, Fox News, CNN And More on Jailbreak Apple TV 2 [Tutorial]

If you are one of the Apple TV 2 user you can rejoice as Jailbreak brings you Live ESPN3, Amazon VOD , Online Movies and more Free of cost via Internet streaming. In this post we will tell you the complete procedure to Jailbreak Apple TV 2 using Seas0nPass and at the end you would be able to watch Live ESPN3, Amazon VOD , Online Movies and more Free of cost.

You can Jailbreak your Apple TV 2G using the How to Jailbreak Apple TV 2G Tutorial and  now you have to Setup aTV Flash Black which allows you to add a new ‘Maintenance’ menu to your Apple TV. You can think of aTV Flash Black as Cydia for Apple TV. To install aTV Flash Black follow the steps below,

  1. Jailbreak Apple TV 2G using the Tutorial, connect your Apple TV and power it on
  2. Enable AirPlay and Homesharing on Your Apple TV
  3. On Your Mac/PC download and Install aTV Flash Black from here  ($19.95 one time fee)
  4. Run aTV Flash Black and your Apple TV will reboot
  5. Now verify that you see new ‘Maintenance’ menu option on Menu of  Apple TV

Now you are all set for setting up XBMC and streaming content from a PlayOn.

  1. Goto Maintenance Menu and Extras to install XBMC which is the key to all the plugins which are linked with most of the Apple TV content.
  2. When Installed you will see the XMBC in Apple TV Menu
  3. Now goto PlayOn on your PC (it only works on PC) and download the plugin.
  4. Run PlayOn on and click on the Plugins tab, there you will find Netflix, Amazon VOD, ESPN3, YouTube etc. Select the Plugins you want and make sure that you are connected on the network as PlayON is UPnP and will be detacted by Apple TV automatically
  5. Now goto XBMC plugin Library and Videos. Now click Add Video and Type upnp:// and Press Done.
  6. Now Goto Main Menu and under Videos you will see UPnP Auto Discover Click it and Select Files to see Palyon under which all the plugins you selected will start appearing.
  7. Now you can see tons of services like Netflix, Amazon VOD, ESPN3, YouTube, CNN, Fox News and so on. Select any one you like to watch.

You can visit out Apple TV section to view more stuff on Apple TV Products and Services.

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