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Vooma Peel PG92 case turns iPhone 4 into Dual SIM unlock for Jailbreak only

Vooma has announced a iPhone 4 case which turns the iPhone 4 into a Dual SIM phone having addition SIM card slot and that too unlocked. So all of those who are stuck with locked phones have an additional option to have secondary SIM case which also has external battery that acts like extended battery for the phone however there is a catch. Unlike the Pico Projector Case, Vooma Peel case required iPhone 4 to be jailbroken as the extended case uses a Jailbreak application which emulates the iPhone 4 dialer to make call using the external unlocked SIM.

John Biggs at TechCrunch tried that Pre-release version of the case and says,

Once it’s set up the Peel PG92 works seamlessly and even uses a similar interface to Apple’s own dialer – although it’s clear that the programmers had to cut a few corners to get the look and feel correct. For example, the dialing screen is actually a bitmapped copy of the original dialer and the letters and numbers are slightly warped. However, all of the major functionality is recreated in the Vooma app. 

However, this is clearly a very cool and clever hack and it works without problems on any jailbroken iPhone.

Vooma case does not use Micro SIM cards rather it relies on Mini SIM cards but the design of the case will allow iPhone 4 as well as iPhone 4S to fit in. Apparently the case is only designed for voice calls whereas the data runs using the built-in SIM however the final release of the case may have the support for data via secondary SIM as well. You can visit the link below to fill in the signup form as well as leave comments or suggestions.

Source Vooma

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