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Vodafone UK Lists iPhone 5 16GB and 32GB as Supported Device By Sure Signal

Vodafone UK has listed iPhone 5 Black and White 16/32 GB as supported device for its Sure Signal product. Sure Signal device allows to extend 3G reception in the areas where the service is limited or unavailable. The listing of iPhone 5 as compatible device may have come in deliberate anticipation that next Generation iPhone will also be supported or Vodafone may have concrete information on the launch of iPhone 5 with 16 and 32 GB capacities. If this action is based on solid information due to major UK operator who will offer the next generation iPhone device then its a sad news that we wont be witnessing iPhone 5 with 64 GB capacities.

Sure Signal list of compatible devices reads following,

Compatible Devices:
Apple: iPhone 4 16GB White, iPhone 5 32GB White, iPhone 5 16GB White, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 16GB Black, iPhone 3GS 8GB, iPhone 4 32GB White, iPhone 3GS 16GB White, iPhone 3GS 32GB Black, iPhone 4 32GB Black, iPhone 5 32GB Black, iPhone 3GS 32GB White, iPhone 5 16GB Black, iPhone 3GS 16GB Black .

Second pertinent information is the launch of White iPhone 5 which in case of iPhone 4 was delayed for appox 10 months. Other iPhone 5 news suggested to have 8 MP camera, Dual Core A5 ,iPod 2-like, processor and a larger screen.

It was reported yesterday that Sprint will start offering iPhone 5 from next month then iPhone 5 Reservations Started for Deutsche Telekom was revealed. Also purportedly Change in Delivery Schedule for All Apple Devices on Online Stores also hinted the incoming iPhone 5 lunch. All these news caution that launch is pretty close.

Update 11th September 2011: Vodafone has removed iPhone 5 from compatibility list.

Source AppleInsider

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