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Verizon Galaxy Nexus Will Be Released on Friday, November 18th

Purportedly Verizon is all set to release Samsung Galaxy Nexus on November 18th as we had come across Galaxy Nexus device owner who had released details hand on images and videos (probably works in Samsung) so while discussions she has released some information that the new Google Flagship Galaxy Nexus will be released on reported dates. Galaxy Nexus was announced almost a month ago during Samsung Press event.

Although the pricing she was not quite sure about but the rest of the discussion available on reddit was,

So one of my mom’s piano students’ mom works for Samsung and has a Galaxy Nexus (running on Verizon of course). When she stopped by our house I wanted to take a look at it and she let me do so for a good 15-20 minutes!

  • Overall, the software was just as smooth as has been reported before, and from what I could tell by scavenging through the OS it seemed pretty much ready for prime-time, so all the rumors of delays due to bugs are probably incorrect.
  • Camera was just as snappy (no pun intended) as has been reported, and I was actually extremely impressed with the quality of the rapid-fire shots. Panorama worked fine, got one minor bump but nothing big.
  • Face Unlock worked! And very well, in fact. It was very fast to unlock upon recognizing the correct face and quick to notify upon non-recognition.

Lastly, I asked about price/release date/hotspot pricing. She said she wasn’t sure about the price of the phone or the hotspot functionality but she said it was on track to be released this Friday, 11/18. Now, lots of trustworthy people have said lots of different things but she was 100% convinced and informed that it would be this Friday (and no she wasn’t talking about the UK launch, she was specifically talking about Verizon availability in the US).

Although it is rumored that the device may be pushed back due to Android IceCream Sandwich release however it is expected that ICS will be delivered early for Galaxy Nexus launch.

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