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Use Your Android Phone’s Camera as a Webcam[How to Setup]

Have you ever through of turning mobile phone camera as webcam. if not then we are going to make this happen for you, all you need as an Android handset. Some of the best apps which into this business are IP Webcam(Android 2.2+), AndIPCam and DroidCam(2.1+). However, almost every app that turns your phone into a webcam works the same way.

All above mentioned webcam apps setups are very similar to IP Webcam. There we will show you how to setup IP Webcam. Procedure is divided into to steps. The first is primary stepup and other is how to your IP Webcam  on skype.

1-   Primary Setup

Once you finish the Installation of IP Webcam application, connect your Android phone with WiFI Network. Launch the application and go to “settings”. You can also setup your username and password if you want to. Change the resolution, quality, and frame rate, and you can choose your own port number or use the default 8080 port number.  Scroll down and click on “Start server.” Once you done that, your camera preview will become the background and an IP Address will show up above the Start button as well as in the notification bar.

Now go to your PC on which you want to use the camera. Open an internet browser and type the IP Address and port number displayed in the notification bar.  If both devices are connected properly you will get a list of links letting you view the streaming video from your phone.

1-   Skype Setup

First of all you need to download one of many plug-ins that will work with this IP Webcam. Once you download it then you must install and set up the webcam plug-in to use with Skype. Once the plug-in installs it will probably asks you for the IP Address, port number, and any username or password you just have set up in step1. Once you filled it out, you have successfully installed your new webcam.

Note:- Some computers may require a restart but then Skype recognizes the camera immediately.

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