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Upload Files from iPhone Using ‘Safari Upload Enabler’

You must have already been familiar with Jailbreak utilities like iFile, Safari Download Manager  in which your iDevices works very similar to what you do in computer/laptop. These two Cydia Apps allows you manually download files in iPhone, edit them and move them around from one folder to another.

However, until now there has been no convenient way in iOS in which you could upload files from your iDevices. Cydia has come up once again to bring this feature into to your iPhone by offering an application called “Safari Upload Enabler”.

Although there are many 3rd party applications that enables you to upload pictures and videos (think Facebook and Twitter). But Safari Upload Enabler lets you choose a file outside of personal media. For example, you could upload a resume to any CareerBuilding website.

Once you install this utility it will integrate itself with Mobile Safari and removes the block that Apple laid out to keep the browser from uploading files. Afterwards, when upload links are tapped, a file browser pops up to let you select your content. You can configure Safari Upload Enabler’s options in your Settings app.

Note:- If your uploading does not work then you need to make sure  that you are on a site’s desktop version instead of the mobile site if uploading isn’t working. The developer has also warned that this tweak is not compatible with iOS versions 4.1 and below due to conflicts.

Safari Upload Enabler is $1.99 and available in the BigBoss repo

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