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Unlock/Re-Lock and Root/Unroot Verizon Galaxy Nexus Using GalaxyNexus RootToolkit [2-Click Method]

Developers at Android forums have already released a lot of easy rooting and unlocking procedures for Galaxy Nexus handset but the one we are going to share today is even more easier than previous one’s. News has come out from a developer WugFresh on galaxynexusforum dedicated for galaxy nexus users who posted a brand new program or application called GnexRootToolkit. The program enables you to easily unlocks and roots your Verizon Galaxy Nexus as well as easily flashing it back to stock and re-locking it. The best part of this software is, it only requires a single click in order to perform Rooting, locking, unrooting and re-locking on your device. However, the current version of software is only supported forVerizon version of the Galaxy Nexus whereas GSM version will also be made available soon as confirmed by the developer WugFresh.

Whats Needed

Download Galaxy Nexus Toolkit Version 1.0 from galaxynexusforum. If it is not working then try to download it from [Mirror1] [Mirror2]


1.   Install the above mentioned downloaded application by double clicking the GnexRootToolkit.sfx.exe and it will automatically perform following actions on your PC.

  •  Extract the contents to %PROGRAMFILES%\GnexRootToolkit
  •  Put shortcuts on your PC Desktop as well as Start Menu\Progarms

2.   Run the application installed in step-1

3.   Now click on Drivers + SDK button which will automatically install below mentioned required components to your PC

  • Latest samsung drivers
  • Extract the latest android SDK to your %HOMEDRIVE% as well as other nessary files which will be required for unlocking, rooting, flashing back to stock, and re-locking)
  • Update systems “Path” environmental variable in order to add adb and fastboot locations

4.   Now depending upon your requirement, your all set to perform “Unlock + Root” or “Unroot + OEM lock” tasks by clicking on the buttons.

5.   It is also pertinent to mention here that “Unroot + OEM lock” procedure also provides the option to just flash back to stock without re-locking.  All you have to is take an exit when it reaches to the re-locking procedure.

The action details it will perform after clicking on the button are as follows:

Unlock + Root

By clicking on Unlock + Root button, it will automatically perform following tasks:

  • Help you configure drivers when your phone enters bootloader mode for the first time
  • Unlock your device
  • Push su.zip (Superuser.apk) to your sdcard
  • Flash clockwork mod
  • Provide on screen instructions for completing the rooting procedure

Unroot + OEM Lock

By clicking on Unroot + OEM Lock button, it will automatically perform following tasks:

  • Flash all stock componets to bring your phone back to a factory state
  • OEM lock your device: used to relock your gnex

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