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Unique and Stylish iPhone Wallet fits well into your Pocket [Gadgets]

After the launch of iPhone 4S manufacturers all over the world are focusing the device to bring up new products and iPhone Wallet by Waterfield Designs is one unique and stylish case built for the device. It not only keeps your stuff tidy but also places you iPhone in such a way that screen is usable from outside the wallet. Also the accessory sheds either iPhone case or separate wallet so you only have to carry one accessory that does does the work for both.

The iPhone Wallet carries multiple slots to fit in your cards as well as money aside iPhone slot. One the iPhone slot the front is made up of plastic so that you can view the interface and use the iPhone to some extent. All the features of the iPhone Wallet are very well built except its to bulky to fit onto your skinny jeans pocket easily. Also the price tag of $41 is pretty impressive so you can simply visit the link below to buy one for yourself.

See the iPhone Wallet review,

Source SF Bags 

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