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Two Third of Google’s Mobile Search Traffic Comes From iOS Devices not Android

During the Senate Judiciary hearings today Susan Creighton, former FTC official (now Google employee)  testified under oath the Google, Yahoo and Microsoft all have bid to become the default search engine of iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on Mobile Safari Web Browser. And during that bid Google had won and people see Google search integrated in their Mobile Safari Web Browser Search and Apple takes share of the searches made using its Device. As we all know that Apple moves along with quality therefore it does not matter that Apple makes a small bit of money from the search engines rather the importance would have been to the quality of search results being displayed and in such a criteria Google might have been the only choice.

Interestingly Susan Creighton said during the testimony that 2/3 of Google’s Mobile Search Traffic Comes From iOS Devices and that sounds amazing when we consider the number of Android devices also having Google as the default search engine along with multiple Google integrated services. But as the Apple searches come from Mobile Safari Web Browser we should keep in mind that iPad is also there along with iPhone and iPod to make this a tough competitor for Google Android.

You can view the intresting testimony Video at 2:24.00.

via 9to5Mac

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