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Two new Sony PlayStation 4s’ expected for release on 7th September

ps4 neo and slimThere has been much excitement pertaining to the release of the iPhone 7,with the event scheduled for today, at 10 am PST. For all the gadget  geeks out there ,we have another exciting event to follow , that is the release of two new PlayStation 4 ‘s  by Sony, with the event scheduled to be held on 7th September, at 3pm EST. We can expect two versions to be featured ,namely the PlayStation 4 ‘Slim’ and PS4 ‘Neo’.

Apart from better aesthetic features, that is being slimmer and a later model, not much has changed in the Slim version. Similar to many game consoles of it’s kind , there likely won’t be an increase in power or any new and very different features. People who are opting to buy a game console and do not already have one , will mostly opt for this version as it is an upgrade from the previous version and is more appealing to the eye.

ps4 neoContradictory to the Slim version , the Neo  version is very impressive in it’s upgraded features. Popularly considered as the “gaming beast” the Neo version is claimed to feature upgraded VR performance, various fairly important hardware upgrades in addition to being able to support indigenous 4K games. Sony claims that there will be no compatibility problems using the standard console while playing the native  4k games and the game console will also be able to run all existing Play Station 4 games that are available.



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