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Twitter Anxiously Waiting for iOS 5 Public Release

Its a high time that everybody is waiting for the Apple next big thing in the Smartphone category however apart from end users Twitter is also anxiously waiting for the release of iOS 5 which is expected to be launched alongwith iPhone 5. The reason Twitter feeling this unrest is that iOS comes with Twitter integration and the first user experience of native social network in Apple products. Twitter is already serving more than 230 million tweets per day. Twitter has recently announced iOS 5 Integration Developer Event on October 12 where as multiple sources indicate launch of iPhone 5 alongwith iOS 5 is expected between 9th to 15th October via Vacation Restrictions, Orange UK CEO, AlGore Apple Board Member etc.

According to Twitter’s engineering VP Michael Abbott,

“During the last nine months, there’s been more infrastructure changes at Twitter than there had been in the previous five years at the company,” said Abbott, who joined Twitter in May 2010. “So that whether it be the death of bin Laden, or someone announces a pregnancy, we can handle those issues and you’re not seeing a fail whale.”

That’s not to say that Twitter does not expect the Apple integration to be a big deal. “I anticipate a lot of growth because [Twitter] is going to be on every iOS device. And certainly there’s a good number of those out there in the world,” Abbott said. “It’s going to result in more tweets.”

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However would you like to tweet with iOS 5 or it would have been much better if Facebook and Google + could also be iOS members?

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