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TraceSaver – Track your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G for Free Tracking Security Jailbreak Application

If you are worried about your iPhone safety and not a fortunate enough to have iPhone 4 which comes along Free Find My iPhone registration on iOS 4.2.1 or later then Jailbreak community has to offer you TraceSaver which is a Free iPhone tracking utility for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS & iPhone 3G. TraceSaver by Metricell provides you with free contineous tracking of your iPhone using the inbuilt GPS after set regular intervals. TraceSaver allows continuous tracking mode in order to show the location of iPhone after every 0.5m which is good for tracing road journeys or walk/cycling routes.


TraceSaver provides free Registration using your phone from www.tracesaver.com. It claims to provide focused end-to-end solution for emergency search and locate your kids, find your stolen or lost handset,  track your vehicle or employees, record, store and review your whereabouts for each day, week or month.

Some of the Salient features of  TraceSaver are,

  • Robust and secure, industry quality web site with 100% privacy for your location and phone measurements.
  • Ability to register multiple phones to the same account. 
  • Full history view to see your whereabouts last week or last month. 
  • Detailed summary of your call usage and service quality (coverage, data speeds, 2G/3G services etc) provided by your mobile network operator. 
  • Instant summary views of your Full call history, Service Quality Summary, Top Locations Summary, Called Number Summary, Your Network Coverage Map View on your mobile to see current location with key spot facts. 
  • Intelligent collection apps with fully transparent operation with no noticeable impact upon battery or phone usage.
You can install TraceSaver 1.4-1 Free of cost from ModMyi Repo by simply searching for TraceSaver in Cydia.
Source: TraceSaver

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