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TouchPal for Android Takes Swipe Prediction to the Max

Many types of keyboards available for Android OS which gives a better experience as compared to conventional keyboard. The main reason behind it as users always look for something which requires less effort and easier to use.

You must have already heard a famous App called “Swype” which has brought the whole new concept of touch input options.  The program is great, but since it is not commercially available, the only two legal ways to own this software is by having a device licensed with it, or to be part of their beta testing program. Rest of the people were deprived of using such a wonderful application.

Thanks to XDA member TouchPal brings us a solution for all the those unsupported devices by Swype. TouchPal is built around a similar concept as that of Swype, where you can swipe your finger across the keyboard instead of typing.

Moreover, this program works even better in terms of smart predictions engine. It will allow you to swipe over a couple of letters and get a full word as opposed to swiping over 3 or 4 letters before a good suggestion pops up.

The app is currently in closed beta, but you can easily have access to it by sending the dev an e-mail. Please leave your feedback for him if you do get into the beta testing program.

You can find more information in the application thread.

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